The 134th Canton Fair (Autumn Edition)

From October 15 to October 19, the biannual Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou, and the scale of this year's fair reached a new high. The total exhibition area expanded to 1.55 million square meters, with 74,000 booths and 28,000 exhibitors, attracting more than 50,000 overseas buyers from 201 countries and regions.


The China Guangzhou International Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has always been one of the world's largest trade fairs and one of the most important opportunities for Chinese enterprises to expand into the international market. HKC Wisers, as one of the leading companies in the display industry, showed up with many products and solutions such as its TV, MNT, and commercial displays, to actively expand into the international market and showcase its innovative products.


Smart Home Series

Relying on HKC Wyeco's own screen factory resources and manufacturing and delivery capabilities, Wyeco TV business can provide highly competitive TV solutions, with product sizes ranging from 24-107 inches, and has now realized the product advantages of high contrast ratio, high color gamut, high penetration, full-screen, and bezel-less, etc., as well as the layout in the direction of 5G+8K+IOT/AI, to provide diversified scenarios and high quality for users and partners. TV solutions.


Among them, 75-inch MiniLED, 75D5Tizen and other products are harvesting a batch of exhibitors and buyers.

75-inch MiniLED


This 75-inch QD-MiniLED TV adopts about 5,000 micron-sized light-emitting lamp beads, with a peak brightness of over 1,000nits and 1,152 independent light-control partitions. Each partition can precisely adjust the brightness according to the difference of the screen display content, thus bringing a more delicate visual experience. In addition, the TV also has a 99% (DCI-P3) wide color gamut, which is capable of presenting richer colors and more layers of wonderful images.

Meanwhile, this QD-MiniLED can be equipped with a Google-authorized system that supports MEMC/120Hz/VRR144Hz/HSR240Hz high refresh rate display function. This makes it smoother when watching movies, events and other dynamic images, and smoother and more unobstructed when playing games.


新闻4-2-75D5.jpgThe 75D5Tizen TV is a blend of ultimate picture quality and smart experience. Featuring an ultra-thin metal bezel-less design, QLED technology, intelligent Tizen system, and high color gamut technology, this TV provides you with outstanding visual enjoyment. This is the ultimate choice for your entertainment and media consumption.
In addition to this, 85D5, one of the most popular large-size family TVs, is also favored by the exhibitors for its powerful features and wonderful picture quality, giving users a more stunning viewing experience.

Intelligent Business Display Series
Relying on the core resources and technology accumulation in the field of semiconductor display panels and display terminals, HKC Wisers has entered into the field of intelligent IOT innovative applications, providing intelligent IOT solutions for various application scenarios, such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent education, intelligent office, intelligent transportation, intelligent new retail, intelligent home, and intelligent security, etc., and is committed to constructing a full-scene intelligent life, providing more convenient and intelligent experiences for users, and comprehensively enabling a A better smart life.
This time, we exhibited series of products such as smart retail, smart office.

Smart  Monitor

Relying on the core resources of LCD panels, HKC Winkel's display business has a first-mover advantage in screen display technology and trendy product research and development, and has now realized the product coverage of the whole scenario of e-sports, ultra-wide screen, high scores and curved surfaces, etc. and has laid out its products in the direction of 8K high resolution, MiniLED backlight, OLED, 240Hz+ high refresh rate, high color gamut, etc., to provide users and partners with full-scene, high-quality display solutions for users and partners.

Insist on going out
From smart life solutions to high-resolution displays, HKC Wyeco brought a series of impressive display products and innovative technologies to buyers from all over the world.