• The birth of the new classic model

  • 2011-6-3
  • Time's footsteps will always bring us fresh, remove some old things, although people are no willing to let some of the pros and cons go, but we still continue to see development and progress.
    The early CRT monitors give us the heavy, high and hot impression, which accompany us a very long time, until 2004, CCFL monitors set off a replacement prologue in the market by its ultra-thin body,
    low power consumption
    From 2004 to 2006, the first wave of products replacement ended, CCFL monitor seems lost its way forward, some manufacturers began turning to product parameters of LCD monitor,response time
    ended in 1ms...... the consumer has experienced several years of similar "arms race", still hard to
    experience: What we get finally?
    The turning point finally appeared in 2009, LED monitors come. Compared with CCFL monitor,
    LED technology has the advantage of a more slim and more savings in power consumption. This is
    perhaps the "coincidence of history", CCFL  is defeated by its advantages.
    National Monitor representative brand: HKC (Huike) release one LED monitor product: T2217L in
    January 2011 introduced a feature which not only represents LED technology but also represents the ultimate individuation features .

    With the popularity of LED technology, there is a lot of monitor with sophisticated design, but there
    is a few of monitor that can let the concept of innovation can be fully demonstrated
    T2217L adopt a more artistic design, such as piano technique with a transparent border of the body, the unique stent design and a transparent border of the base, etc., .The design aspects reflects the
    innovative ideas, and has successed greatly

    Combined with the sophisticated thought and relentless pursuit of perfection ,HKC T2217L not only
    has the effect of art form, but also meets the application of human experience, more importantly, she let people see the future development of monitor product trend