• Products and brands relativity 13 years HKC gorgeous transmutation

  • 2011-6-23
  • What a product mean for a brand?
    HuiKe Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (HKC) was established in 1997 which was a time full of
    memories, Hong Kong's return, "Titanic" movie release, the departure of a great man ... of course ...
    thousands of enterprises in Pearl River Delta Economic Zone has mushroomed, at that time, the
    establishment of Huike Electronics, was not stirred in the minds of the people.

    2011 is coming, when the memory of those gradually blurred away, the Huike Electronics has grown into high-tech, high-quality, efficient international and modern group enterprise. As HKC's one of the most important product lines, HKC monitor sales have been in the top ranks for consecutive years in the highly competitive market in China. 


    In 2009, HKC has started to embark on product innovation and brand promotion-"Jing Yang" Series
    LED monitor. HKC Jing Yan Series monitors won China Product Innovation Design Award - "Cotton
    Tree Award" in 2009


    Then in 2010, HKC show the three panel joint monitor-- H3/H6,in ChinaJoy Exhibition

    In 2011, HKC launched a innovative LED-backlight monitor products - T2217L created by the Italian
    design team
    Al l the above characteristics, are lash for hundreds of mediocre monitor models in the market , and T2217L is more like a symbol of HKC brand, also is witness of HKC brand development process, and another perfect transformation HKC brand