• Comprehensive Upgrading, HKC HuiFeng LvYa Series Come into the Market

  • 2011-9-30
  • It seems that it has not taken a too long time for LCD monitors from access to a revolutionary
    upgrade. This process had been completed only spend three or four years. As technology advances, the users' needs of the monitor is already not simply have or do not have, but whether the user feel
    comfortable while using them. Combined with user needs increase, the whole flat panel display
    industry have been changed rapidly in product technological, the most revolutionary upgrade is CCFL backlight have been fully replaced by LED panel. Today, the market are mostly accounted by LED-
    backlit models, although the CCFL backlight models will be a slight advantage in the price, but has
    gradually been marginalized, and often appear supply shortage situation, and this illustrates the LED backlight has been occupied the dominant status in the display industry.


    Comprehensive Upgrading, all sizes of LED-backlight firestorm

    HKC is upgrading Hui Feng series and Lv Ya series recently, the two series continue to maintain the previous fresh and elegant style, and upgrade the body slimming. And because of the use of LED
    backlighting, the body's energy efficiency can be improved, and won the national first level energy
    efficiency certification. Besides, these two series have 18.5 inch, 19 inch, 21.5 inch, 23 inch, 23.6
    inch and other sizes and made upgrade in the after-sales to ensure that there is no bright spot. Lv
    Ya series also add i-care technology, and can protect the eye health better


    Appearance Upgrade, slight and fashion

    Lv Ya series is inspired by flowers:"Bamboo", create a "Lv Ya" by combining the elements of
    Chinese classical culture and modern LED green technology.Hui Feng series front body(front bezel, base ,bracket) has been upgraded to piano bright, and make the products appearance more
    fashionable e fashionable appearance.

    More energy-efficient LED-backlight! Energy Efficiency is Promoted into National First Level


    Display Quality Upgrades! Perfect no bright spot!
    Performance upgrade! One million contrast ratio every detail can be seen
    Technology Upgrades i-care protect eye