• Congratulations on Huike Group new industrial park relocation

  • 2010/6/5
  • On May 30,2010, Huike Electronics(Shenzhen) co., Ltd. relocated to Huike industrial park in Shiyan,
    Baoan, which marks Huike Electronics opened a new development chapter .

    Huike industrial park broke earth in 2007, the total building area is 280,000 square meters. The
    most advanced production line and resources are all centralized here. And it will truly become the
    Group's production base.

    As excellent private enterprise in Shenzhen , the officials of Shenzhen Government and CPPCC have concerned about the growth of Huike Group for a long time. Recently, Shenzhen CPPCC
    Vice Chairman  Mr. Zhongwei Wong came to the newly completed Huike industrial park,debriefed
    the reports of the work from the Group leaders, and gave the guidance and recommendations for
    future development of Huike .
    HKC was established in 1997, started from manufacturing PC monitors, benefited of advanced
    technology and outstanding quality, HKC grew quickly to be top 3 display manufacturer in China
    Market for 3 years,and top 3 PC power supply for 4 years. At present, the Group's annual production
    value reached more than one billion yuan, export value achived several hundred million dollars, and
    has established European sales company  , Lithuanian, Brazil factory, Russia factory, India factory
    all over the world , and got good social and economic benefits.
    In 2003, HKC set up full range of LCD displays from 1 inch to 60 inch, including LCD Monitors
    and LCD TV Sets, and expanded full set of tooling design, plastic injection and LCD backlight, etc.
    Through vertical product integration, Huike has fastly consolidated in in the fierce market,and worked
    with many well-known enterprises as strategic alliance, to create a complete global sales network
    This movement will become the new starting point in development history of Huike.In the new
    industrial park, the people in Huike will constantly strive to create new glories with the
    entrepreneurship spirit of pioneering innovation and advance with the times.