• HKC Monitor Won Creative Design Award

  • 2009/9/14
  • September 5,  the 6th China enterprise product innovation award ceremony in 2009 was
    held in Shunde Guangdong , Crystal brilliant seriesT9811 LCD monitor of HKC won the innovative
    design award with its  suitable home environment, rich  humanistic connotation and leading
    technology in a variety of products.
    China enterprise product innovation award as one of the earliest established product design
    selecting activity with national high level, the largest business value and the best influence,
    is praised as "Oscar" in China product design community
    CIDF Award receives commands of professional and rigorous evaluation, will  continuously
    improve the design and planning of the award,and make it  professional, more scientific, more
    marketable and social significant based on the summary of previous successful experiences and
    lessons .Therefore, is used  the trinity method:network polling,enterprise people and expert  for the
    first time, based on eight criteria selected standard, requested entries not only has a good  creative
    thinking, environment-friendly materials and need to meet today's people's lives and functional
    requirements, can effectively improve the quality of life for users, so that the design can conduct
    people's consumer concept.